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About us

Kempes and Associates is registered in Mauritius…

Kempes & Associates Ltd is registered in Mauritius and provides Accounting & Financial services to its clients. Our vision is to provide tailor-made services to the clients as management believes that each client is unique and requires different services. The mission statement of Kempes & Associates Ltd is to help all its clients to meet their financial & accounting objectives and also to comply with all the statutory requirements towards the authorities.

Kempes & Associates Ltd believes in long term relationship with its clients and the services offered are according to the expectation of the clients and also at a reasonable price. With the knowledge gained throughout the years of experience in the field of Finance & Accounting, we guarantee a higher level of professionalism and will always be here to advise our clients.


Our primary goal is to provide a higher level of services to all of our clients and expand the range of these services.


To maintain a good and long term relationship with all of our clients and to help them in achieving their business ambitions.

To provide a personalise services to all of our clients as we believe that each client is unique.

To provide quality services in order to satisfy the needs of the clients.


Our vision is to provide professional services to all of our clients in accordance to the regulatory framework and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Also, we want to develop a culture of professionalism which is paramount in the long term relationship with our clients.